How can I explain it? I have no fashion design experience, let alone developing footwear. I am a SoCal surfer, raised in the church but I was living a lukewarm Christian life. 

In 2015 I was doing some heavy soul searching. You know the seasons of being on your knees asking God “How can I live your way because my way is failing miserably!”  Well, he gave me a vision of a beautiful child walking in the sand and leaving crosses from the bottom of her sandals. It was so peaceful, - not the answer I was looking for. I couldn’t get it out of my mind and began sketching flip flop prototypes all over the house like a madman. I didn’t say anything about the vision for 2 years, I was afraid to step out in my faith. Fast forward another two years and I found myself on my knees again asking God “ A cross bottom sandal, why?” But this time I surrendered and went into development of the first prototype.  The rest is history.

Being open and accountable with my faith has brought me closer to God than I ever imagined. I have freedom and a peace that I have never felt in my life. My hope is that customers may find this freedom through Walk in His Footsteps and find the same happiness in living in the truth.

You never know the impact of seeing the cross will have on someone. We have folks tell stories of seeing the cross on hiking trails, to the sandy beaches in Southern California. One gentleman saw the cross as I was sitting in a cafe with my legs crossed. We struck up a conversation after he inquired about the flip flops and he hadn’t been to church in 20 years. Now he’s going regularly with his wife and kids. That’s what Walk in His Footsteps is all about, - reflecting Jesus in everything we do and everywhere we go.