Show Your Faith With Every Step

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This is His brand, His company.

What mark will you leave behind?

A new way to think about walking in Jesus footsteps.

More than just a sandal.

Cross-Bottom Sandals
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"I love the message! These are my new go-to for flip flops, thank you!"

Stacy W.

"These are my husband's first pair of sandals and he LOVES them! Great quality and the sandals speak for themselves"

Evette A.

"Love these...what a wonderful idea. Thank you for helping to spread the word!"

Aznod R.

I bought several for Christmas gifts and they were a huge HIT! Everyone in the family LOVES them! Extremely high quality leather and the craftsmanship is top notch. Such a simple cool concept!!

Pat W.

We absolutely love the sandals! Great customer service, and love the mission of this company. We will recommend them to everyone we know. Thank you guys for representing our King.

Jason F.

I love the sandals and what they represent. They are durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Just walking on the beach with these sandals stirs up conversations with people because of the cross imprint that is left behind from the sole. Great idea with the cross on the bottom, the cross is the symbol of Christianity. I love these sandals

Brian D.

I bought 2 pairs of sandals for me and my wife 3 months ago, and we have used them almost everyday. They are very comfortable and they seem to be very durable since they still look in excellent condition!. We use them to relax around the house and even to go for walks around the neighborhood. They are definitely my wife's and my favorite sandals! oh!, let me just add that they have my favorite bible verse and it gives me the opportunity to share my faith with others. They are definitely my favorite pair of sandals!! Isidro Somoza

I have bought these for my granny and myself and we both love them!

Hailey H.

Sandals are comfortable, they look great, and customer service was great helping me figure out what size to get. Would buy again and everyone asks me where I got them.

Michael C.

Beautiful quality and message!! Praise Jesus!

Brittany I.

Cross-Bottom sandals

Great conversation starter

Let you share your Christian faith by leaving his mark with every step you take!

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