What is the Lion of Judah?

What is the Lion of Judah?

Most God fearing folks know it has something to do with God or Jesus, but where does Judah fit into it?

To break it down let’s start with The Tribe of Judah.

  • Jacob had 12 sons, one of which was named Judah.
  • The 12 sons formed 12 different tribes in Israel.

In Genesis, Jacob blesses his son Judah as the future tribe with Lion cubs and a Lion. This particular tribe actually used the symbol of a Lion due to the Kings it would be blessed with.



Judah’s bloodline and direct family lineage included biblical greats such as King Solomon, King David and eventually along came the most famous human father in history, Joseph.

Joseph was Jesus’s actual father - or stepdad if you want to get technical.

The king of all kings in the Tribe of Judah is King Jesus. The lion is known in the animal kingdom as the King of all beasts.

We all know and have reverence for this majestic and powerful animal.

Throughout scripture, in both the new and old testament, The Lion of Judah is used as a foreshadowing of a king within Judah’s lineage, as well as the one who conquers the world and death Genesis 49:9, Revelation 5:5, John 5:22 and Isaiah 31:4.

When it comes to Christian apparel, wearing the Lion of Judah sends a pretty powerful statement for both the Christian and Jewish religion.

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