Going public (with your faith)?

Going public (with your faith)?

Growing up, my parents prayed all the time, we went to church and I was involved in a youth  group. Prayer and studying the bible has always been a big part of my life, even in times I strayed. I was lucky enough to have the exposure thanks to my upbringing. However, my faith has always been very personal, I have never been very open about it. I never wore Christian Apparel! When I met Remi in 2009, he lived in SoCal and I lived in Seattle. We didn’t talk about our personal faith for a long time. Literally the first time I knew it, was when he was producing the first Christian footwear prototype. He was so excited about being totally open and transparent about his faith, and his new Christian Apparel launch. Over the past couple years his love for Jesus has been contagious. Freedom in the truth can make a person glow like no other. Supporting him and Walk in His Footsteps has made me more open about my faith. Honestly, just wearing the sandals to the store will put me in check. If I’m going to be public with my faith, wearing them is a reminder of how Jesus might respond, even at a grocery store. It’s a subtle reminder, but small changes create new habits. Keeping Him top of mind with every step. 

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